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Message from the President

Thank you for visiting the website of INTERLIFE HOLDINGS CO., LTD.

We provide people with comfortable store spaces full of excitement and enjoyment, thereby contributing to society.

Valuing our “bond of trust” with customers over the past four decades, we have pursued the improvement of our service quality through sales activities under an “always helpful” spirit.

For about 40 years since its foundation in April 1974, the Company has been engaged in retail store design services mainly at commercial facilities. On August 31, 1990, the Company offered its stock to the public on the over-the-counter market (currently the Japanese Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation system (JASDAQ) of the Tokyo Stock Exchange).
The Company’s name, “InterLife,” signifies the goal of “Striving to be a corporation that acts as an intermediary between people and their living spaces.”
On October 5, 2010, the Company made a transition to a holding company system and listed its stock on the JASDAQ Standard Market of the Osaka Securities Exchange (currently the Tokyo Stock Exchange), with the aim of raising the corporate value of the entire Group by establishing group-wide management strategies and promoting every Group company to concentrate on its own business.

Business lines of the Group:

  • Production, planning, design and construction of spaces;
  • Maintenance, cleaning and statutory inspection of diverse facilities;
  • Consulting on headhunting, manpower dispatching and training/education of human resources;
  • Promotional activities for stores, as well as advertising and publicity, and sales promotion of stores;
  • Maintenance of the telecommunication environment, as well as sales of mobile phones and smartphones; and
  • Planning, design and installation of custom-designed acoustic, visual and lighting equipment.

Based on the basic policy of “Establishing the InterLife Quality (IQ) brand selected by customers because of excellent quality,” we have started a new three-year interim-term business plan.
Our significant theme is “to be selected by customers because of excellent quality,” which is essential to improving the Group’s profitability while raising its competitive edge. We intend to contribute to society by establishing the new IQ brand by improving three types of quality: “Sales quality” to be cross-sectionally addressed by the entire Group, “Merchandise quality” of which the appraisal base is customer satisfaction and “Improvement quality” via internal systematic reforms.

Tamishi Oikawa
President and Representative Director

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